About Us

The VFMA is the only State Sanctioned Bluegrass and Folk Music Competition in the State of Virginia

Founded by Uncle Ed Silverman in 1947 the Virginia Folk Music Association was created to promote and preserve Virginia’s  music heritage.  Chartered on March 26, 1957 as a non-profit, volunteer organization by the late William “Bill” Tuck, former governor of Virginia, and the late Watkins M. “Watt” Abbitt former congressman, and later a Director on the VFMA board.

With the assistance and through lobbying efforts of Governor Tuck, the VFMA was the only organization officially sanctioned to hold the “state championship music contests.”  At first, there was one combined contest, but due to the large crowds and diversity of the music, it was later separated into two divisions, bluegrass and country; a true pioneer of country and bluegrass music festivals.

The VFMA sponsored spectacular shows with parades and queens, produced radio and later TV coverage. The first music contest was held in 1957.

To recognize and give accolades to those that have promoted and supported Virginia heritage music,  famous and accomplished Virginia musicians have been inducted into the Virginia Country Music “Hall of Fame.” In 1996 the special recognition award program was established.  In 1998, the ad magazine and multi-day festivals were introduced.

If your bluegrass band or you as an individual instrumentalist or vocalist would like to have your name added to the growing list of Virginia State Champions, then this is the only competition in the state of Virginia that can make that happen officially!