Bluegrass Festival

2019 Bluegrass Festival

The Virginia Folk Music Association would like to thank you for your support throughout our many years of bringing you an annual Bluegrass Festival. The enthusiasm of Bluegrass and acoustic musicians living in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a powerful force.

The 2019 season will not include a Bluegrass Festival but there will be other events sponsored by the VFMA that we would love for you to attend.

We are working very hard on a renovation of sorts for our non-profit organization. In fact, we are in the process of revamping not only the way we conduct business but the way we do everything from fundraising and acoustic music promotion to booking the acts you love to watch perform at our annual Bluegrass Festival. The 2019 season is not just a season of change for us, but an opportunity for revitalization and rebuilding, and that rebuilding process includes our festival.

Please help support our revitalization efforts by donating a little of your time, talent or a few of your hard-earned dollars to help us make the 2020 Bluegrass Festival season the new beginning that we can all be proud of.